Many management reports are not a management tool, they are merely memorandums of information. Management reports as a management tool help with the alignment of behaviour in that the reports encourage action to take place, on a timely basis and in the correct direction. In other words, you need to measure and report on those activities the Board, management and staff need to focus on – “what gets measured gets done”.

Accountants need to be great communicators to fulfil their role successfully. Gone are the days when reports could simply be drafted without consideration of the reader’s needs. Reports should focus on how to best get the message across. What are the salient points? Where can this report add value to the readers understanding? And how can I deliver this report on a better practice time frame? This article is from a comprehensive white paper on decision based reporting which also covers Board and project reporting, reporting of performance measures (24/7,daily, weekly, and monthly), focusing on late projects and late reports and ways to enhance human resources data.

[Article] Convert your monthly reporting to a decision based tool