By David Parmenter

Five reasons why the Accounts payable team is the centre of the accounting team for without its smooth operation:

  1. monthly accounts cannot be prepared promptly
  2. number noise is all around and budget holders have no faith in their reports
  3. suppliers are forever on the phone querying payments
  4. expense claims are a nightmare
  5. the management accountants are at sea

The accounts payable team is one of the most important teams in the accounting function and in the organization. This unique implementation toolkit comprise my latest thinking on the subject matter. The toolkit contains 70 pages designed to help readers implement better practice methods. The  toolkit comes with electronic media, eg: lists of AP software, templates, and workshop agendas to assist in swift implementation. I have spent around US$50,000 developing and updating this toolkit. I guarantee, you will save many times the cost of the toolkit.

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