By David Parmenter

The 20 steps to creating a lean finance team revolve around fixing the major blunders finance teams make, year-in and year-out.

1. Having over 80 account codes for the P/L – use the rule that you only have expense codes where the annual expenditure is over 1% of total annual expenditure
2. Only forecasting to year-end- forecast out six quarters ahead
3. Breaking down the annual plan into twelve before the year starts- replace with rolling quarterly planning
4. Giving budget holders an annual entitlement to spend – fund quarterly through the  rolling quarterly planning regime
5. Budgeting at account code level – budget at category level where the annual expenditure is over 10% of total annual expenditure
6. Taking months doing an annual plan –when it can be done in 10 working days or less!
7. Producing numbing monthly financial reports – introduce a one page finance report on an A3
8. Reporting on the wrong performance measures – split your measures into four types (KPIs, PIs, KRIs an RIs)
9. Not producing daily/ weekly decision based reports – produce more month-end reports
10. Selling change by logic – sell change by the John Kotter  six step process
11. Allowing month-end reporting to go past three working days – it is easy to get your month-end to 3 days and then more it eventually to Day one.
12. Using Julius Caesar’s calendar as a reporting tool – move to closing the month-end on the same day by having 4 or 5 week periods
13. Spending months on the annual accounts – a fast 3 week close is possible
14. Investing in a complex G/L and upgrading unnecessarily – leave complex G/Ls for rocket scientists
15. Letting Excel dominate the finance system – remove all spreadsheets over 100 rows
16. Working Hard but not Smart – develop smart wok habits
17. Not investing enough in Accounts Payable – focus on bring your AP systems into the 21st century
18. Not adopting the purchase card – a free AP system!
19. Not investing effort and time into leadership – become a servant leader to succeed
20. Not celebrating enough – if you do not celebrate something every month you and your finance team are missing out

Next steps

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