By David Parmenter

I have developed a toolkit to help AP teams optimize their AP.  The toolkit is a 70 page document with accompanying electronic media to help you get started.  It covers the following strategies (the number in brackets are the better practices to adopt).

  1. Accounts payable systems improvements-easy steps (7)
  2. Accounts payable systems improvements-more integrated steps (3)
  3. Administration improvements for all AP teams (8)
  4. Improvements to month-end AP procedures (5)
  5. Accounts payable staffing improvements (7)
  6. Business re-engineering (6)
  7. Payment improvements (6)
  8. Improving relationships with budget holders (7)
  9. Improving relationships with suppliers (10)
  10. Identifying accounts payable fraud early (8)

Next steps

Purchase my toolkit  50+ Ways To Improve Accounts Payable – Toolkit (70 page Whitepaper + e-templates)