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Quarterly Rolling Forecasting – the ten foundation stones

Quarterly Rolling Forecasting is one of the most important management tools of this decade and is a process that will revolutionise any public or private sectore organisation.

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Timely Annual Planning Process – 10 Working Days or Less!

Extract from “Pareto’s 80/20 Rule for the Corporate Accountant” published by John Wiley & Sons Inc


This sounds impossible yet it is achieved. It takes good organization and recognition that the annual planning process is not adding value, instead it is undermining an efficient allocation of resources,encouraging dysfunctional budget holder behaviour, negating the value of monthly […]

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Throw out the budget process, or at least radically alter it

Companies in Asia, Europe, America and some in New Zealand are recognising that the existing budget process cannot continue. It has been with us, some say, since the Roman calendar was adopted by the western world. It is now seen by many that the budget process is a hindrance to management rather than a help. […]

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Mastering the traits of a winning CFO

Never before has the role of the CFO been more complex, multi faceted and rewarding. The CFO is now juggling more balls in the air than ever before, in front of an audience that is more demanding and knowledgeable.

What makes the difference from average to good and from good to great performance?

In this article I […]

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Is your budgeting process adding value to your company?

Vast amounts of management and accountants’ time are invested right across the country in this exercise. Yet, within months the whole exercise is revisited, and then forecasts are performed.

Have you ever worked out how much is invested in the budget process? We estimate that for a hypothetical company with 500 staff, the personnel costs are […]

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Strategic initiatives

The top twenty mistakes corporate accountants make each year

As a failed corporate accountant, by that I mean I had to organise my own ‘leaving do’, I feel particularly well qualified to write this article. I have however discovered many better practices, from accountants across the world, as that is what I do for […]

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