Lean 21st century finance team processes

Imagine a Finance team that was making history rather than just reporting on it Imagine your month-end reporting being completed within 3 working days or less, your annual planning process being replced by quarterly rolling planning, a year-end when you have the end of audit party within 3 weeks of your year-end, a happy and well function team. This website will offer you methodologies to fix the common problems in the finance team that will have a profound impact on your organisation and on your career.

We can make this a reality. I’m David Parmenter, and I teach how to develop winning KPIs, replace the annual planning process with quarterly rolling planning, speed up accounting processes and winning leadership. I’ve delivered workshops and key note addresses in 31 countries. Companies where I have delivered in-house workshops include European Space Agency, Australian Post, Lloyds of London, Open University, and the Singapore government (Peoples Association) and more.

I have two day, one day master classes and different in-house training options including web based training for your team to get you and your organisation on the journey. So either attend one of my public courses, book me for your conference, or get me to deliver an in-house workshop.

What are my courses like? Read what delegates say. Start today by reading my books and listen to some recorded speeches.

Suggested next steps -you will need to:

Fully understand the problem, so read the below articles.
You need to sell need for change to the senior management team, so learn to do this well.
Seek a mentor to guide you through this change.
Plan your approach by reading my books, whitepapers and getting me to deliver an in -house webcast for you.

Templates from The IBM white paper “How Finance Teams can help their organisation get future ready” by David Parmenter

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Common problems in the finance team

Are your month-ends one drama after another Read more. Is your organisation succeeding in spite of the annual planning process rather than because of it? Read more Is the finance team a collection of individuals rather than a cohesive team? Read more Is the year-end a process that carries on months into the new year? Read more Does the finance team have a history of late and/ or failed projects? Read more Do you have too many KPIs, many of which are leading to dysfunctional behavior? Read more. Are the accountants spending too much time reporting history rather than making it? Read more.

David Parmenter Winning CFOs Series

Some of the Published Articles & Chapter Extracts

How to re-engineer your month-end with $5 of ‘post-it’ stickers

How to re-engineer a process with $5 of post it stickers instead of $50,000 of consultantcy fees. David Parmenter’s quick month-end reporting workshop preview.

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Never before has the role of the CFO been more complex, multi faceted and rewardingExhibit 1 A winning CFO model

Exhibit 1 A winning CFO model

The CFO is now juggling more balls in the air than ever before, in front of an audience that is more demanding and knowledgeable. What makes the difference from average to good and from good to great CFO performance? I believe I have the answer. The model I have developed is based on countless years of bench marking CFO’s from all sectors and whose success varied from poor to great.

Once the foundation stones in place, you can now use them as a platform from which to juggle the areas of focus, see Exhibit 1, that make up being a winning CFO. Many of the focus areas have a soft skills component, an area which is often not on the CFOs radar screen. These have been marked with an ‘S’.

I have developed much material to help revolutionize the CFO performance:

  • A serving leader white paper that will lift your leadership up
  • A number of whitepapers on finance team topics
  • Three books
  • Numerous public workshops
  • In-house, implementation focused, one and two day workshops
To continue reading please view Mastering the traits of a winning CFO here.